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Spectaculars is a tabletop roleplaying game of comic book heroes and villains where you create the setting as you play the game. The game comes as a boxed set, with all the game materials needed for an entire gaming group to start playing. Spectaculars is designed to be easy to start playing, even on a moment’s notice. Once all of the players are familiar with the rules, it takes only minutes for one player to read through the scenario while the other players quickly choose or make characters.

Each copy of Spectaculars will include the following components right in the box:

The 60-page game rulebook

The 60-page setting book, in which you record the decisions you make as you create the setting

4 different 80-page series pads, containing teams, hero archetypes, heroes, villains, minions, and scenarios

The 105-card Deck of Powers

The 85-card Deck of Identities

The 40-card Deck of Complications

8 Team Role cards

52 initiative cards

Tear-off pad of hero progress sheets, used to track the evolution of heroes

7 sets of percentile dice

4 advantage dice

4 challenge dice

6 plastic player trays

Cardboard token sheet, containing hero points, time tokens, and continuity tokens

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